Chi è Maya Vacanze

Giuliano Capozza

Maya Vacanze Sales Manager

Born in 1977

He always loved to communicate with others. A successful man in life and in the work. He Realized at once to live an inner contradiction That led him to feel incomplete. What he felt was the need to improve quality His life, materially Although he didn’t need things. One day, on vacation in Mexico, he found His dream and fell in love. And with the support of His wife and his daughter did what he believed was the right thing to do … chase it!

Personal quote: “A day without a smile is a wasted day”.

Chi è Maya Vacanze

Cristian Tivioli

Maya Vacanze Product Manager

Born 1978

A life spent trying and seeking. Dreams have always been a key propellant to decide what and when. Studying tourism and working as a sales person he acquired the basic elements for understanding the tourism market. After 15 years of various experiences and fluctuating fortunes he chose to move in with his wife and his son to Mexico to start a new life. Now happy with his successes and his failures lives happily in his new adopted home.

Personal quote:Every dream locked in a drawer is a piece of your future that will not come true”.

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Maya Vacanze®

For us Maya Vacanze® is the realization of a ideal job. A job which could melt passion, serenity, affirmation and awareness. Passion in doing what we like, working without ever looking at the clock. Economic serenity to live with his family. work statement knowing to work with an irreplaceable team. Awareness that our work gives emotions and happiness to hundreds of people who will love you for who you are and who you represent and remember you in the years ahead. Because what distinguishes us from others is our way to work. And the way we work has made all the difference.
Helped by the beautiful surroundings of the Mexican caribe and the Maya region, we can give emotions that no one else can give. Because this unique land is worth living, and as well visited. It is this conviction that led us to create Maya Vacanze®.

100% of our customers’ satisfaction is the most honest feedback that we have and we are proud of this.